Measurements on different levels for different purposes

It is important to operatively assess the customer experience in service encounters. However, basing business and customer relationship management on operative NPS scores (O-NPS) can be even risky.

Management needs new tools and logics for the strategic managing and measuring of customer experiences. We at Mainio have vast experience on implementing S-NPS (strategic NPS) with strategic measurement.

How not to measure customer experience?

From the point of view of your own processes? Quick surveys? Asking your contact persons only?

Download our five tips for effective measuring of customer experience.

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      Customer case: Plugging the holes in the leaky bucket

      A company providing personnel services was pondering the incongruity between the results of customer satisfaction surveys and customer loyalty. Although the results were commendable, too many of the customers still switched to the competing services.

      In the words of the company management, ‘the leaky bucket was a fact.’ Another fact was that the prices of the field were tendered out so even that they could not be the explaining factor. It was decided that the cause for the incongruity was to be examined with research logic.

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      We got the opportunity to examine the customer relationships with the help of the Mainio Concept. First, we decided to widen the survey from only the operative contact persons, who are the respondents of traditional satisfaction surveys.

      This policy proved to be a correct one. The ease of purchase and customer experiences were rated high by the contact persons. However, the challenges lay in the experiences of the actual payers, the business managers, who rated these aspects distinctly lower than the contact persons. According to the data, the personnel company lacked a connection with the business managers. Additionally, it became clear that the expectations of the business managers and the contact persons towards the services were completely different.

      The personnel company created a programme to discuss the collaboration and results with the business management in their language. Despite the small financial investment, the results measured by Mainio started quickly rate higher. Only after a year we could verify a distinct decrease in customer churn – as well as its correlation to the management experience measurements.

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