Level up your sales with Customer Experience

Identify the obstacles to purchasing and bases for recommendation of your customers.
They are the key to committing customers and developing customer value.

Do you stand out in the market so that your customer finds you? NPS and customer satisfaction surveys offer averages and open questions. It is difficult to interpret the necessary steps to take in order to develop your operations. You need a more precise data analysis to manage your customer relationships.

We dig deep into recommendations, much deeper than just NPS which also is a part of our analysis. Mainio Customer Experience Analysis produces data that can be converted into practice, which will be notified by buying customers. Our service is different from our competition as it follows a logic that is based on human decision-making process.

Our Approach to Strategic CX Analysis

Competition understanding as an additional service

Additionally, you can receive a comparative analysis of the purchase and customer experiences of your customers and the customers of your competitors. This will provide you with an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competition. Above all, it gives you data about the weaknesses of your competitors, so you can accurately target your sales resources. Contact us, and we will tell you more.


‘We thought that the decline of our NPS was because of our segmentation, but the analysis surprisingly revealed a homogenous group called ‘casual users’ in each segment. The feedback from those groups explained the crash of the NPS. Fortunately, we got concrete suggestions to remedy the situation.’

– Marketing Manager, logistics

‘With the help of Mainio, we were finally explained very pragmatically that customers are individuals who evaluate us in different ways – with different expectations, even depending on their role.’

– Development Manager, service industry

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