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A clear direction for developing your business in four weeks

Whether it is your business as a whole, a single service solution, or a new pilot concept, you will get quality data about your customer experiences in a form that is instantly applicable. You will find concrete steps to decrease the obstacles to purchasing, enhance customer loyalty, and increase recommendations. Additionally, we will research your competition, so you will gain up-to-date comparative data to support your sales.

NPS alone is not enough.

Our service measures the essential facts about both your customers and your competition’s customers. You will get accurate data about your customers’ obstacles to buying, their motives, and bases for recommendations. You will also get our suggestions for subsequent operative steps. All this in only four weeks.

The Mainio analysis model has been developed and field-tested during the last ten years. We dig deeper into ease of buying and recommendation than just the NPS, but our services provide also the NPS index.

Asiakaskokemuksen mittaus- ja analysointipalvelumme
luo pysyvää kilpailuetua:

Tunnistat asiakkaasi ostopolun viisi strategista askelta

Saat neljässä viikossa keskeiset ratkaisut

Löydät kolme NPS:ää selittävää tekijää

Otat käyttöön kaksi strategista mittaria asiakkuuksien johtamiseen

Tarvitset vain yhden mainion kumppanin.

These factors explain how the NPS score is formed

Ease of buying

The customer’s expectations form before the purchase decision.  Auditing the purchasing phase reveals the obstacles to buying.

Value in use

It depends on the customer’s role how useful they find the product or service. Value in use is the minimum requirement for recommendation.


The emotional bond the customers feel explains the willingness to recommend. You must first identify your specific Enthusiasm factors, so you can develop them.


Most commonly used measurement for customers’ willingness to recommend. NPS is an index figure which does not reveal the reasons for recommendation.

Why do you need to go beyond NPS?

Following NPS only is not enough for success. To have customers recommending your product or service, you need more than an NPS score. Please upload here our article.


From the professional

‘Today, nearly all Finnish companies have good customer experience stated in their strategy. However, only a few companies have a clear, well-thought-out strategy for customer experiences, one that is boiled down to concrete steps and measurable objectives.’

– Minna Ruusuvuori, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Attido Ltd

From the client

 ‘For the first time after a survey like this I felt like we found some clear answers and a vision worth investing in.’

– Ari Ringborg, Director, Private and Housing Company Customers, Lounea Ltd

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